Follow meandering creeks through acres of waving reeds, flushing flocks of wading egrets and skittering sandpipers. Enjoy vistas ranging from forest-bordered marshland to the Manhattan skyline.  Explore a natural oasis in the heart of the most densely-populated part of the most densely-populated state in the country, 5 miles from 15 million people, but a world away. 

Tour Packages & Prices

# People Price* Includes
1 $35 Kayak, paddle, lifevest, guide
2-3 ppl $25 per person Kayaks, paddles, lifevests, guide
4-7** ppl $20 per person Kayaks, paddles, lifevests, guide
Child 6-11 $10 per child Seat in 2-person or 3-person kayak, paddle, lifevest, guide
Child 12-17
(solo kayak)
$15 per child Kayak, paddle, lifevest, guide
Family of 4
$60 1 tandem + 2 solo kayaks, paddles, lifevests, guide
Family of 3
$50 1 tandem + 1 solo kayak, paddles, lifevests, guide
Boy Scouts /
Girl Scouts Pack Paddle
$100 Up to 5 kids in solo kayaks & 1 adult + 1  child in tandem kayak
  • *Price you pay based on day-of group size. Private tours available on request.
  • Tours run from 2-3 hours.
  • R/T pick-up from and drop-off to Rutherford Train Station add $5 per party.
  • **Groups of 4+ people must self-transport to and from boat launch. Our pickup truck/shuttle can only accommodate 3 people.

CONTACT US for more info and reservations!


  • Most tours start at 10 or 11 a.m. Saturday and end by 2 or 3 p.m. 
  • Sunday tours available, check our Tour Calendar.
  • Meet at River Barge Park in Carlstadt or request R/T transportation from Rutherford Train Station or your custom location.
  • Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts/bathing suit/pants you don’t mind getting wet,  shirt and shoes you don’t mind getting a little wet, hat, water bottle. Kayaking gloves and booties available to borrow free.  
  • Signed liability waiver required from all participants.
  • Minimum age: Children 6 and up may ride or paddle in the front seat of our tandem kayak, or in our 3-person kayak with two adult paddlers. Children 12 and older may paddle a solo kayak.
  • NYC Bus schedule, 190 bus from 42nd St. Port Authority to Rutherford Train Station:
  • NYC Train schedule, 34th St. Penn Station NYC to Secaucus to Rutherford
  • More information in our FAQs.

Tour Routes

Tour routes subject to tides, time, and participant ability.  Tours run from 2-3 hours.  In general, the kayak tours below are listed in order of level of difficulty, from beginner to a little more experienced (no worries, no whitewater on the Hack!).  The tours involving more time and distance on the Hackensack River are generally the more challenging ones.

Tours Departing River Barge Park, Carlstadt:

  • Hackensack Meadowlands Nature Conservation Area 
  • Mill Creek Marsh 
  • Cromakill Creek & Marsh 
  • Bellman’s Creek 
  • Berry’s Creek/Inlet
  • Hackensack River Railroad Bridges
  • Berry’s Creek Canal
  • Deluxe Water & Land Birding Tour

Tours Departing Laurel Hill Park, Secaucus:

  • Sawmill Creek Marsh Nature Conservation Area 
  • Kingsland Creek & Marsh
  • Berry’s Creek/Inlet 

Visit our Tour Calendar for scheduled routes (tours subject to change due to tides, weather, and participant desire and ability).  Tours are designed to take best advantage of tides and river flow.


  • Sunday Tours: Join us at 11 a.m. or noon (your choice!) on the Sunday of your choice to ‘yak the Hack! Check our Tour Calendar for available dates.
  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts Pack Paddles: Our Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts trips are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 kids in solo kayaks for maximum personal attention, and also allow for one additional adult with or without a child in the tandem kayak. (Note: Kayaking BSA patch certification not available for this tour since no capsizing and boat ramp entry and exit only.)

CONTACT US for more info and reservations!