Meadowlands Kayak Tours’ mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the wonders of New Jersey’s ‘hidden in plain sight’ oasis, the Meadowlands.  Our goal is to share our love of nature, the Meadowlands and kayaking with you.  Come explore a natural gem just 5 miles from 15 million people, but a world away.

Why the Meadowlands?  Once an environmental joke, a former hell of unquenchable landfill fires, chemical waste, and mythical mob bodies, the Meadowlands now supports a surprising multitude of life, from various schools of fish to the great egrets and herons that eat them.  Rare birds sighted here include Black Skimmers, Soras, White Pelicans, Osprey, Bitterns, and Bald Eagles. It’s also a great example of a true anthropogenic environment, one drastically impacted by the hand of man for the past few hundred years. It has lessons to teach us about such impact as human-untouched environments disappear from the planet. 

Sunset over the Meadowlands.

Meadowlands Kayak Tours LLC is owned and operated by Tom LaTourette, an environmental activist and project manager formerly with the National Audubon Society.  Tom has kayaked the Meadowlands since 2010, studying its rich history and its complex ecosystem and helping protect this important watershed. 

Tom, Meadowlands Kayak Tours owner-operator and head guide

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